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Why Every Construction Should Start with Pre Construction Services

pre construction Services

Proper planning is, by far, the most important aspect of any process and construction services are no exception to it, whatsoever. We, at Eccompany, understand that thorough process planning is at the core of projects that complete successfully on-time and within budget.

To go with it, proactive insights and timely forecasting come more than just handy to quickly resolve potential issues before the construction actually begins.

Our exquisite expertise in delivering value-added pre-construction services is fueled by the rich experience, technical competence and innovative frame of mind of our highly skilled workforce.

Scope of Pre-Construction Services

During the initial phase of designing, it is highly important for general contractors to understand if the basic floor plan of a building will be readily affordable by the client.

The client really needs to estimate as to how much the project will cost, even though not much information is available to make a fair call on it during early stages of the development.

In such event, general contractors really need to go back to the drawing boards and spend some time upfront on cost estimation. Our team of highly ingenious engineers makes the most of their vast experience to ensure they provide you with highly comprehensive and accurate cost estimate.

You can, then, decide and discuss your course of action and construction requirements with them to make sure they understand your needs and work on to deliver results in line with them.

One of the major impacts on constructions costs can be the duration of the construction schedule. During the pre-construction stage, we work closely with you to develop a precise and feasible work schedule with suggestions on speeding up the process significantly before the construction starts.

This not only cuts cost but also permits the client to plan well in time and be prepared to use the building once the construction is complete. Eccompany prides on offering an array of services that meets vital requirements of the clients and facilitates timely completion of the project satisfactorily and within budget.

Eccompany has a lot under its wings and serves its customers across the board with high-caliber and heavy-duty pre-construction services which include:

Single-source Design-Build
Construction Cost Estimating
Value Engineering
Life-Cycle Cost Design Analysis
Procedure & Specification Input
Safety & Quality Control Planning
Scheduling & Phasing Development
Bid Packaging
Site Logistic Planning
Subcontractor Selection

Our client services portfolio for pre-construction services cuts through the initial project planning phases to high-end project completion stages.

Conceptual Budgeting/Estimating

Leveraging our comprehensive database of subcontractors having vast experience and utterly skilled, professional construction workforce, we provide fairly accurate conceptual cost analysis and estimation during the very initial stages of the design process. In addition, our personnel is on the marks when it comes to providing accurate and unparalleled cash flow forecasting.

Multiple Cost Estimates at Various Stages of Design

EC Company has extended capabilities of delivering well-detailed cost estimation services for each stage of the project design. The information derived from good research and past experiences effectively help the project design team in evaluating process costs and making modifications in the design, if felt necessary. However, we do anticipate adjustments in project process throughout the complete design process and ensure we keep the client abreast of the price estimations, which comes in handy for prompt modifications and decision making if the client so desires. Such estimations also include the precise cost impact of every design modification with well-documented and detailed justification to it.

Constructability Reviews & Value Engineering

The pre-construction and construction teams at Eccompany closely reviews every single phase of the project design and actively participate in value engineering and in analyzing the project inception to the final stage competition. Our team never overlooks any opportunity for cost cutting to ensure the client feels the least amount of burden and our initial cost estimations are met optimally. We review entire specifications and plans in quest of excessive costs and to find out the ways through which we can make maximum improvements and enhancements in the design. During the course of value engineering, we focus on identifying the design and/or construction methodologies that tend to improve project economics and facilitate appropriate recommendation making to the construction team.

During our earlier assignments thus far. the inputs of Eccompany in value engineering and other core pre-construction activities has drastically inspired cost cutting for out clients. Our involvement in initial design and planning activities helps our clients ensure maximum return on their investment and we don’t stop there, we continue offering to our client some of the industry’s most proven cost-saving recommendations throughout the project lifecycle.

Construction Schedule

The pre-construction services we offer at Eccompany begins with the preparation of resource loaded schedules, then we identify and analyze critical dates and time frames of selected jobs and deliveries in regards to the milestone dates for major projects in line. Early on during the pre-construction stage, we offer qualitative updates, including stipulated cash flow, throughout the duration of the project.

We offer substantial assistance to the project team for the identification of materials having long lead time and purchase them well ahead in time for meet set construction schedule.

Efficient Pricing Models to Maximize Value

Eccompany has to make insightful proposition and utilization of an array of pricing models on various early projects; and will continue to work closely with the customers to make sure an optimum pricing solution.